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How to Cook Your Fish Curry at Home with Confidence

Cooking Indian fish curry with British produce results in something truly remarkable. It is usually considered a complex task and an ingredient list can be extensive. It is also important to be very careful whilst cooking fish as your curry might mask the special qualities-its texture, colour and flavour. Because it is so easy to […]

 Top 7 Indian Street Foods You Must Try Once In A Lifetime

        Indian street food manifestations are like none other. Chowpati (Indian street food market) is full of mouth-watering and delicious foods. Once you find your go-to street food places, I guarantee you that you will go back for more. These street food vendors are masters of their craft and foodies find their […]

10 Most Popular Indian Curries in Glasgow

Indian cuisine has become one of the most popular cuisines in the United Kingdom. In England, there are more curry houses than all the fast-food establishments throughout the country. Indian chicken tikka masala has become as popular as fish and chips, the national dish of UK. Glasgow houses some of the best Indian restaurants and […]

5 Tips To Cook A Curry Like A Pro

The idea of cooking curry at home might sound a daunting one but with a little planning best results can be achieved.  Cooking Indian cuisine requires lots of practice and experience.  With dedication and guidance, one can learn to develop flavours and aromas.  Here are our tips to help you refine your cookery skills. You […]

India and Vegan Cuisine

        India is a fascinating country that consists of amazing people and cuisine. There are over Six Hundred Million Vegetarians alone in India.  There are ‘Veg’ and ‘Pure Veg’ restaurants in each state. ‘Pure Veg’ means there aren’t any onions, garlic and eggs present in food. Strangely enough, food without these absolutely […]

Know What A ‘Curry’ Means In India

When we in Britain think of curry, we imagine a spicy hot dish with a shimmering layer of deep red ‘Ghee’ with the aroma of chillies and masalas. Indian households don’t interpret the word curry as we do in the western world. Curry is more a word to describe the British Raj rather than Indian […]